Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reading Group

More information here. This book is really good and Professor Appiah writes very clearly.

Upcoming Events

From April 17-19 in Chicago there will be a really interesting conference by the Society for Empirical Ethics.

Just a few weeks later in Chicago from May 9-10 is a conference entitled Emotion in Context - Exploring the Interaction between Emotions and Legal Institutions.

For you folks working on the east coast this summer, the Society for Philosophy and Psychology is having a Workshop on Experimental Philosophy taking place at U Penn from June 26-29.

In September there's the Metaethics Workshop at Wisconsin.

I've RSVP'ed at most of these already, and the organizers have without exception been very welcoming of us lawyerly types. I wonder if lawyers would be so welcoming of philosophers at their conferences.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Information for Professor Avraham's talk.

Anyone who has taken a class with Professor Avraham knows he relies heavily on the ex-ante/ex-post distinction. Here is a good article that really fleshes out the philosophical significance of the ex-ante/ex-post distinction. Professor Avraham gave me his take on the distinction recently: "If something is fair ex-ante and unfair ex-post, it is fair, I argue."

This is not the paper Professor Avraham will be discussing at the upcoming meeting, but I found it really eye-opening and it is the reason I invited him to come speak. I'm posting it here in case anyone wants to discuss it.